A witch is defined as a woman thought to have MAGIC powers. May this bracelet represent all the powers you have within, to ward off negativity around you and to amplify your positive power and influence on others.
EYE: commonly called the "Evil Eye" this symbol actually worn to protect you from harm . I have placed the eye at the center of this cuff to give it importance, protect you from negativity and to remind you of your power through wisdom and higher awareness.
SUN: the sun gives all life, strength and power. It is also the symbol of light and consciousness.
MOON: represents feminine energy and your connection with divine powers
STARS: we are all made of stardust, each point represents elements of matter, the 5th element represents the intangible spirit.


    • Stainless Steel
    • 20 MM Wide,145 MM Long, 28 MM Opening
    • Colors: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
    • A pair of 3 MM Magnets